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Riot Games What Has Helped The Company To Achieve Success

screenshot of Riot Games is a well-known American company engaged in the development and publishment of video games, as well as the organization of esports tournaments. The company was founded in 2006 and its main office is located in the state of California. Besides, Riot Games has offices in more than ten countries in the world, for instance, Australia, Chile, India, Mexico, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Korea, and others. Insight into the history of Game Riots Riot Games was founded by Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck in 2006. Their primary goal was the creation of indie games. In 2008, the company announced its first game, League of Legends: Clash of Fates, and one year later introduced it as League of Legends. In 2008, Riot Games received initial funding of seven million dollars from two venture capital firms FirstMark Capital and Benchmark Capital. Next year, the developer got eight million dollars from Benchmark, FirstMark, as well as Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings. Four years later, according to popular esports news, Tencent Holdings purchased the remaining shares of Riot Games, which was already recognized as one of the best tech companies in the world to work with.  To reach new heights, the game developing company was clearly divided into departments, each of which deals with its own tasks. Below, you can read more information on this subject. Department Its main responsibilities Board of Directors Determination of the direction of development of the company and its policy Technical department Various company’s products and systems management Business Development department Analysis of potential regions for further development and sales channels Production department Formation of the company’s work processes and resource planning Corporate department Financial analysis and determination of financial policy Operation department Management of the day-to-day operations of the company and support of the company's systems Marketing department Promotion of the developer's products and analysis of the esports market UI Development department Optimization of user interface Creative department Development of artistic content for various company’s products Design department Design of new content for the company’s projects QA Monitoring performance of the equipment and analysis of the quality of the provided services Public Relations Publishment of important news and provision of information to fans of esports Customer Service Department Technical support and communication with players on various issues
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